FAQs About the Geneveve Treatment

Q: What is RF technology?
A: RF, or radio frequency, technology has been used in medical applications for over 75 years. Radio frequency-based systems have been used successfully for skin rejuvenation, atrophic scar revision, treatment of unwanted hair, vascular lesions and inflammatory acne. When applied to tissue, the radio frequency device causes a heating of the collagen helix, causing it to tighten and for our bodies to increase the production of collagen.

Q: How long is the Geneveve treatment?
A: The Geneveve treatment takes 30 minutes.

Q: Is the procedure painful?
A: Most everyone finds the Geneveve treatment to be very comfortable.  You may notice a cool sensation followed by a gentle warming sensation.

Q; Are there any side effects during or after the treatment?
A: There are very few risks and side effects to the Geneveve treatment.

Q: Can I go back to work right after the treatment?
A: Yes. In most cases, you can return to normal activity immediately following your treatment.

Q: How long should I wait to have vaginal intercourse after the treatment?
A: We recommend that you wait 48 hours after your treatment before having vaginal intercourse or insertion of a tampon. This allows the treated tissue to begin recovery and start the collagen restoration process.

Q: How many sessions of the Geneveve treatment will I need to do before I can see results?
A: One! That’s right, unlike other radio-frequency vaginal rejuvenation devices that improve vaginal collagen and elastin, the more advanced and effective Geneveve treatment takes only ONE 30 minute treatment by Dr. Karen Wright.

Q: Who will administer the Geneveve treatment?
A: Dr. Karen Wright will not only evaluate you prior to your treatment, but she will also perform your Geneveve treatment. Our medical staff has received hours of training by Geneveve medically-certified trainers to safely and effectively administer the treatment to patients.

Q: How soon will I see improvement after the treatment?
A: Most women feel improvement within a few weeks, with noticeable improvement in sensitivity, tightness, reduction or elimination of stress incontinence within 6 to 9 weeks.

Q; How long does the treatment last?
A: The treatment is designed to last a year.  For some women, the results from their single Geneveve treatment can last even longer than a year.