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Columbia Laser Skin Center

Pronox - available for Hood River, The Dalles and surrounding areas in Oregon and Washington at Columbia Laser Skin Center

ProNox – Finally, a pain free way to enjoy your treatment with us!

ProNox is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing, pain-free experience; especially during Botox, Filler, Kybella and Laser Treatments.

SAFE: ProNox has been used for decades; including in labor and delivery rooms around the country.

SELF-ADMINISTERED: You are in control of when and how often you want to use the ProNox.

ZERO SIDE EFFECTS: ProNox is a 50:50 blend of Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen. ProNox works quickly and leaves your system quickly.

ZERO “HANG OVER”: ProNox takes effect within minutes, and is completely cleared in 15 minutes. So, there is never a groggy feeling. ProNox gives you instant relief from discomfort and anxiety.

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