Viveve™ – Non-Surgical Labiaplasty

Until very recently, the only way a woman could address the concern of loose skin of the labia (external genitalia), was surgically. Many women of all ages are bothered by this issue from both a cosmetic perspective, but also because of discomfort with activity. This loose tissue typically happens following childbirth; and with age and a loss of collagen.

Viveve now offers women a safe, comfortable and non-surgical way to tighten the loose skin of the external and internal labia…with NO downtime! Most clients notice an immediate improvement in the tightness of the tissue; with a continued tightening over the next 90 days. Additionally, many women notice a significant improvement in their sexual desire and intensity of orgasms, following their Viveve treatment.

Viveve is a simple 30 minute treatment that is both safe and very comfortable. Viveve is also a wonderful solution for women who are embarrassed by the leakage of urine when they –

  • Laugh
  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Exercise

We are one of the first practices – not just in the Gorge, but in the entire nation – to offer Geneveve.

Curious? Do you want to know more?  Are you tired of being embarrassed by bladder leakage? Do you want to put the spark back in your relationship?

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