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As a part of our greater vision to care for women of the Gorge, we are thrilled to be able to offer personalized medicine that addresses the cause and symptoms of some of the most concerning and bothersome complaints that we women have.

Dr. Karen Wright believes in evidence based, holistic, and innovative approaches for optimal health and recovery. She offers all of her patients safe and effective therapies that promote healing and vitality that empowers the patient. Dr. Wright also believes in a co-creative therapeutic relationship between her and every woman that she cares for.

Many women have suffered for many years, and have sought answers and solutions from various sources within the healthcare industry. With her dedication to both science and compassion, Dr. Wright has given her patients greater vitality and Joie de Vivre, by helping her patients find optimal health through innovative therapies.

Dr. Wright specializes in helping women who suffer from –

Dr. Wright offers many different possible solutions to help patients attain optimal health and recover –

  • Comprehensive laboratory testing
  • Herbal & nutritional support
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement that is gentle, safe, effective, and mimics nature
  • Stress management
  • Exercise, dietary and lifestyle assistance and support
  • Geneveve

Are you done be frustrated by not feeling your best and living your best life? Are you ready for a healthcare provider who truly listens to you and acts as your partner in helping you attain wellness and vitality?

Then it is time to call us at 541.298.5066 or click here for your consultation with Dr. Karen Wright.